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100 Presidents' Council

Iron Sharpens Iron Initiative


Several presidents were invited to be part of the Founding Board of the Presidents' Council — Iron Sharpens Iron Initiative.  It is open to all current presidents who must opt in and agree to participate and share with other presidents their experience and expertise.  They were invited to join the Founding Board because of their skill, talent and proven chapter leadership.

The details are still being worked out, but your participation is invaluable to our mission of helping to improve chapter outcomes across the country in the areas of:

  • Chapter Management

  • Fiscal Controls and Budgeting

  • Fundraising & Grant writing

  • Program Administration and Oversight

  • Committee Structures

  • Event Planning

  • Sponsor Development and Acquisition

  • Strategic Partnerships

  • Membership Recruitment

  • Membership Development

  • Member Retention

  • Volunteer Recruitment

  • Member and Volunteer Screening

  • Member and Volunteer Training

  • Insurance Options and Requirements

  • Board Standards

  • Board Governance

  • Member Standards

  • Planning Board Retreats

  • Strategic Planning

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Hiring and Supervising Executive Directors

  • Hiring and Supervising Administrative Staff

  • Sexual Harassment Training

  • Risk Management

  • Drafting MOU’s

  • Purchasing Property

  • Renting Property

  • Mentoring Program Development

  • Assessing Community Needs

  • Updating Bylaws

  • Board Structure and Development

  • Creating Non-member Advisory Boards

  • Working With School Districts

  • Working With Community Colleges

  • Working with Colleges and Universities

  • Working with Media Outlets

  • Designing a Mentoring Program

  • Effective Community Outreach and Engagement

  • Developing Marketing Materials

  • The Effective and Careful Use of Social Media

  • Protecting the Brand of the 100

  • Sharpening Your Pitch to Funders

  • Website Design

  • Email Marketing

Please review this website and give your input by contributing to the BLOG by writing well thought out opinion pieces, and the FORUM by posing questions or seeking input from other presidents on an issue or problem you are facing in your chapter.  You may also use the forum to respond with answers and solutions to questions, problems and situations posed by other presidents.

This Initiative is the result of attending President's Roundtable's at the National Conference and at Leadership Conferences that never gave us a real opportunity to engage with each other in a more collaborative way to help solve our respective problems at the chapter level. After conversations with current and past presidents, it became clear more had to be done.

Many thanks to Western District Representative Mark Reed and Northeastern District Representative Curtiss Jenkins; Members at Large Charles Walker and Jewett Walker; 100 Black Men Chapter Presidents Carl Tutt (Chicago), Nathaniel Haugabrook (Valdosta) and Larry J. Mosley (Las Vegas); along with Past Chapter President Vernon Durden (Beaumont) for the many hours in conversation and counsel. This is a closed site for Presidents Only, it is not for the general public. 

This is not a Lone Ranger Initiative. Jewett L. Walker, Jr. and Charles Walker have been working on this concept since our Election to the Board in June of 2017. Every National and Leadership Conference, we see the same frustration on the faces of Presidents year after year.


Hired staff is not going to solve our problem.  Certainly, they can be partners and resources. We must come together to chart our own course and set our own agenda, instead of waiting for paid staff to send us an agenda and move us off our own goals of building our chapters into fully sustainable change agents within our respective communities.


If you are indeed ready to move this organization from the ground up, then please participate and contribute regularly to this new Presidents' Council Iron Sharpens Iron Initiative.



The mission of the Presidents' Council – Iron Sharpens Iron Initiative, is to establish a platform for peer to peer communication and collaboration between Chapter Presidents throughout the national network of the

100 Black Men of America



Presidents' Council – Iron Sharpens Iron Initiative seeks to enhance the leadership skills of chapter presidents by utilizing the diverse talents of other chapter presidents to create an environment where we can grow our chapters and increase our effectiveness as leaders.



Presidents' Council – Iron Sharpens Iron Initiative is committed to the intellectual development of chapter presidents and the expansion of our chapter network based on the following precepts: respect for family, respect for each other, spirituality, justice, and Integrity. 

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